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“The enthusiastic audience simply enjoyed The Rick Hollander Quartet's refreshing, compelling performance.”

“Powerfully emotional music, introduced by a heartfelt recitation of the original lyrics”

Süddeutsche Zeitung

“This is jazz presented in a new way! It's earthy and the intensity is there from the very first note.

Christer Werner

Promoter / Varberg, Sweden


Astonishing! That is the one word which best describes the accomplishments of The Rick Hollander Quartet. With three critically acclaimed recordings for Laika Records - "On the Up and Up", "The Best Is Yet To Come" & " ... is Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" - and 16 tours of the USA, Europe and Japan under its belt, this ensemble which performs 40 concerts per year is roadworthy and evolving.

The unparalleled success of The Rick Hollander Quartet can be traced directly to the band's bold leadership. This group’s high-energy brand of acoustic, modern jazz is tempered by a peaceful core. By nature they follow tradition but still break rules! What separates The RHQ from so many of their peers is just how entertaining and down to earth their otherwise forceful, blow-the-roof-off presentation is. A typical – a term that doesn’t quite do them justice – performance by the group will include a heartfelt voice and guitar ballad presentation of a "standard" seamlessly followed by a chamberesque version, including steel drum and flute, that then morphs into a full-on jazz quartet interpretation. In every case the group’s signature traits are in evidence; integrity, thoughtfulness, emotion, and the awareness that “melody is king.”

Dr. Brian Levy is an absolute fireball. His soulful intensity, fueled by a keen intellect, begs this answer to an age old question: “Yes, there’s a doctor in the house.” Born in 1977 in San Diego, California where Levy is currently the Director of Jazz Studies at San Diego State University.

Guitarist Paul Brändle, born in 1992, cites Kempten in Bavaria, Germany as his birthplace. While there are those who choose to display a flashy style of guitar theatrics, Paul seems content to gently pull you, the listener, into his web; a carefully woven tapestry of sound. Paul earned a Masters of Music degree from The University of Music and Performing Arts Munich.

Lecce, Italy native, bassist Giampaolo Laurentaci is a driving and commanding force in The RHQ. Giampaolo attended Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen, Holland and La Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain where he earned two master's degrees. He expresses his vast knowledge of the jazz tradition with a defining pulse.

From Detroit, Michigan (The Motor City), born in 1956, hails drummer Rick Hollander. When Hollander takes to the drum throne, you’ll hear a musician that possesses the empathy to accompany, coupled with the strength and vision with which to lead. Rick’s private study with Gene Stewart and the legendary Roy Brooks along with courses in music theory and composition at Oakland Community College came together to prepare him for the career he’s known for.

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